No 146 - June 2021


Georges Weill
An Alsatian Jewish Family through three centuries: The Weyl of Dangolsheim (Bas-Rhin)
This article introduces the genealogy of the family Weyl of Dangolsheim, a little Alsatian village, from the middle of the 17th century until our days. This family was closely related to the life of this rich agricultural region, then to the jewish middle class of the city of Strasbourg. The first part explains how to use the traditional sources of the Alsatian jewish genealogy as well as unpublished judicial and notarial acts. The second and third parts show how the Jews, expelled from the village in 1554, settled back around 1670 in Dangolsheim with Nachel, a little pawnbroker, then in 1705 with Gumpert, the first Jew named Weyl known in the village. After the French Revolution, most of his heirs took the name of Weil, then Weill when dispersing in the surroundings villages.

Ernest Kallmann z’’l
The descendants of Jakob Meyer, Napoleon’s soldier
After translating the memoirs of Jakob Meyer, a volunteer soldier in the army of Jerome Bonaparte, king of Westphalia from 1807 to 1814, Ernest Kallmann extensively investigated the descendants of this German Jewish family. A difficult and delicate research around the world, the results of which we are happy to publish in tribute to our friend.

Christophe Albert Morhange
The stamped card. Albert Morhange (1889-1944)

This note recounts the peregrinations of the Morhange family from 1871 to World War II, within the wider context of the Franco-German conflicts and the anti-semitic policy of the French State. Albert Morhange’s January 1943 serviceman’s card, stamped “JEW”, is a rare document. It reflects a voluntary protest, unfortunately banal, and illustrates the patriotism and confidence that French Jewish veterans bestowed in Petain. However, with a few exceptions, they were not protected.

Michaël Gasperoni
Italian Jewish populations and families. A few genealogical databases

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