The Memory book of the Jewish cemetery of Rosenwiller Volume 3 (1828-1838)

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The Memory book of the Jewish cemetery of Rosenwiller, volume III, 1828-1838, 334 pages, ISBN 2-912785-48-0.

This third volume concerns 292 headstones all stood up, cleaned and photographed in colors by Jean-Pierre Kleitz, as for volumes 1 and 2.

Comme les 2 tomes précédents, l’ouvrage comporte, pour chaque stèle

As for the two precceding volumes, this works contains

- the picture of the headstone (by Jean-Pierre Kleitz).

- the copy and the translation of the Hebraic inscription on the headstone (by Avraham Malthête).

- A genealogical note about the buried person (by Georges Halbronn, Jean-Pierre Bernard, Pierre-André Meyer, w Françoise Lith the help of Françoise Lyon-Caen).

- Four indexes (name of the defunct, name of the spouse, village, date), by Jean-Pierre Bernard.

As for volumes 1 et 2, this work benefited of the subsidies of Région Alsace, of Direction des Affaires culturelles d’Alsace and of Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah.