The Quaterly Journal of CGJ


The French Journal for Jewish Genealogy



Généalo-J: Revue française de généalogie juive (ex Revue du Cercle de Généalogie Juive) is published four times a year. It contains papers on the results of genealogical researches, family trees, paleographic works as well as analyses of books concerning genealogy or biographies of Jewish celebrities and also reviews of the main international genealogical journals. Documents deposited in our library are also analyzed.


Our journal contains 32 or 48 pages, depending on actuality, rarely less. It also reflects the life of the CGJ, informs on the meetings and lectures and on the General Assembly. You can find also in it the addresses of the members of the Board and of the various group leaders.


Do not hesitate to submit papers for our Journal, about your most recent genealogical findings. Even if they are in English or in German, we shall translate them into French.


 Abstracts of the papers published in the quarterly "Revue du Cercle de Généalogie Juive" in the most recent issues are included for your consideration. If you want to order a previous issue, look at the rates. You will be surprised !


The issues for 1985 to 2006 are available on Geneanet to. See  the list


Abstracts of the most recent issues

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