Journal 58



Revue du Cercle de Généalogie Juive N° 58, Summer 1999



Jewish Marriages juifs in Paris from 1793 to 1802 (second part)

Claudie Blamont

An unpublished document about Parisian marriages permits one to discover marriages where at least one spouse is Jewish, and to learn the names of their parents (Second part, from Fould to Zay).

THe "GINSBURGER" certificates

Ernest Kalmann

How the "status of the Jews" edicted by the Vichy government (1940 - 1941) forced the  Jews to trace five generations of French citizenship to retain their employment, business or government positions. Moïse Dinsburger, a University professor from Strasbourg, helped them finding their ancestors.


An unknown Jewish community : les Jews in Eguisheim (Alsace) in the 17th and 18th centuries
Denis Ingold

The village of Eguisheim does  not appear in the 1784 Census of Alsace for the Jews. Its former life : the Rothenburger and Brunschwig families.

News from the Cemeteries

The new achievements of the CGJ; A tombstone in the Lixheim cemetery. A new Memorbuch by Naphtali Bar-Giora: the Schmieheim cemetery.

Hebrew Paleography
Eliane Roos-Schuhl

An unusual situation: the attendance by a young godmother of a circoncision in Alsace in the 18th century.


Brest meeting (May 1999); An international conference on Jewish heritage in Europe (Potsdam, August 1999); News from the State Archives in Paris.


The Andre Fraenckel Fund: documents of the historian granted to CGJ by Mrs Fraenckel.


The Jewish community of Leghorn from 15th to 19th century,                        Jewish patronyms in Algeria Tunisia, and Morocco.                                   Mourning rituals in the French Jewish community. community.               The Jews in Germany from the Roman Empire to the Weimar Republic.
The Jews of Italy towards Switzerland during WW II.