Journal 37




Annual meeting, February 6th, 1994 (p.8)

Activities report, Financial report, Forecasting budget, Discussion on the title of the Revue, Board renewal.


The jewish community of Venice, Italy (p. 13)

The history of the jewish community of Venice, from the 10th century until the establishment of the Ghetto. Numerous genealogical sources are available : State Archives, Communal Archives, Jewish Community Archives, Cemetery.


Hebrew paleography : Rabbi Moch of Ettendorf, 1764-1837 (p.20)

A Study of a text, legend of a portrait of the rabbi, including many abbreviations and acronyms.


Centenary of Pierre Dac. Jewish humour honoured (p.21)

Born in 1893 at Châlons-sur-Marne, André Isaac (Pierre Dac) has many Alsatian ascendancies, reconstituted by four members of our Cercle.

Some of his humoristic "Thoughts " are published.



Index lo articles published in 1993 (p. 6).

Jerusalem Seminar.

Index to 1808 names declarations in Bas-Rhin.

1808 declarations in Territoire de Belfort, Landau (Germany) and Besançon (p. 24).

Research on Ecrouves camp.

Hospitals archives (p.25).

Announced publication of our Family Research Directory (p.25).

Books : Inter family Relationships of some Jewish European Financiers during 17th and 18th centuries.

History of the jewish community of Forbach.

Old jewish cemeteries records of Algiers (p.26).


See also :

Queries and replies (p.27) ;

Ascendancy lists (p.32) ;

Letters to the editor (p.34).