Journal 24

Editorial p.2
Flash Info p.3

Jews of Lyons from 1808 until 1847 (Etienne Troller) . . . . p.5

Sefardi migrations towards Poland (from Susan Sherman) p. 12

"New Christians" in Portugal and in Northern Europe, the DIAS MILAOS (Philip Abensur) p. 13

The 1492 expulsion of Jews from Spain (Richard Ayoun) p. 16

Census of the Jewish population of Besançon in 1839 (Roger Chipaux) p. 18

Origin of the Russian Jewish family names [4th part] (B.O. Unbegaun,
translated by Christiane Kern) p. 19
The life of the CGJ p.22

Genealogy and Computer Science (Monique Biezunski) p.25

New books p. 28
Informations p. 30
Questions p. 33