Ketubbot Registers of Livorno



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Alain NEDJAR, Gilles BOULU, Liliane NEDJAR et Raphaël ATTIAS

are pleased to announce the publication of their new book



Généalogies et itinéraires familiaux

The authors, specialists in the genealogy of Jewish Livorno-Tunisian families, have set themselves the objective of helping those passionate about genealogy to find their ancestors and trace their Livornese heritage. They deciphered and noted almost all of the marriage certificates of the entire Jewish Nation of Livorno, from its creation at the beginning of the 17th century until the end of the 19th, that is to say 6,800 ketubbot.


By its richness and its historical contribution, this book is of interest to all the Mediterranean world and beyond. From now on, it will be possible to establish the genealogies of all the families originating from the Jewish Nation of Livorno, not only the descendants of Portuguese Marranos, but also the Levantine, the Italians, the Ashkenasi, without forgetting the north-african Jews.


These works, which have never been carried out until now, fill a void in the Livornese genealogy, as well as that of all those from the Diaspora who have spent time in or passed through the "hub" of Livorno.


A veritable "genealogical Ariane’s thread"

for us to seize and

never let go !


Preface by Mr. Michaël Gasperoni, historian, researcher at the CNRS
Format 30 X 23 cm. The book in 2 volumes, bilingual (French/English), has nearly 870 pages and many colour illustrations.   
ISBN     tome 1   978-2-912785-71-8     tome 2   978-2-912785-72-5


Its price is 49 € (+ 15 € postage). Delivery: as soon as containment is complete.