The Jewish Portuguese community of Tunis



Gilles Boulu et Alain Nedjar
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The Jewish Portuguese community of Tunis

 so-called Leghornese or Grana

 Matrimonial registers 

1812-1844 and 1872-1881

 (with genealogical notices)


Recent researches by Gilles Boulu and Alain Nedjar, members of the Cercle de Généalogie Juive complete the previous publication by Robert Attal and Joseph Avivi, from the Ben-Zvi Institute, of three matrimonial registers in 1989 and 2000.

 Alain Nedjar and Gilles Boulu have discovered two supplementary registers containing the marriage contracts of this Jewish Italo-iberian community, commonly called Grana. These two registers complete the series which originally consisted of 10 registers, spreading from 1754 to 1917. They are volumes 3 (1812-1844) and 6 (1872-1881) which contain 434 and 264 Ketoubot respectively.

This discovery thus yields an exceptional corpus of Ketoubot written between 1788 and 1881, without any interruption. The authors not only present the content of these two registers but they also produce statistics on this community and reconstitute several genealogies by a simultaneous use of several sources.

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