Index of "Mémoire Juive en Alsace" by A.A. Fraenkel



Rosanne & Dan LEESON
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The book indexed is "Jewish Memory in Alsace, XVIIIth century, marriage contracts" from A.A. Fraenckel (éd. du Cédrat 1997)(Information at . Rosanne and Daniel N. Leeson have made an index of this book. It is the printout of a database created by Dan and Rosanne Leeson, retrievable according to six criteria. Includes, besides the bride and the groom, their parents, other relatives, rabbis and witnesses, etc.. cited in the marriage contract. The introduction to each of the six indexes contains all necessary instructions. A general introduction in French and in English explains how to use this index.Volume I Bas-Rhin 475 pages - Volume II Haut-Rhin 413 pages A few errors are present in the huge work of A. A. Fraenckel, which he had no time to correct before his death. We have undertaken a compilation of these mistakes in an Errata. File. All those who find such errors are kindly requested to post them to the Webmaster.