The Golden Book of Jews from Algiers: the main Businessmen during the Turkish time



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Not to be confused with the Golden book of Algerian Judaism (1914-18) .

The Golden Book of the Algerian Israelites. A compendium of unpublished and authentical pieces of information on Jewish merchants at Algiers during the Turkish period) - by M.J. M.Haddey, Alger 1871. Reprint CGJ 2005 (with the kind permission of AIU), Index by Jacob Benzazon, 96 + XVI pages ISBN 2-912785-31-6.

This Golden book has been published in 1871 and 1872. Our publication is made from a copy borrowed from the Library of Alliance Israélite Universelle. An index was needed to make this compendium more tractable. This index has been made by our member Jacob Benzazon.

In the first part, the author gives a history of the Jews in Algeria, the documented list of the Algiers rabbis, followed by the pieces of information he was able to collect about the Jewish merchants at Algiers, beginning at a date from 1685 to 1725, depending on the families. From page 18 on, he proceeds in turn (and in parallel) by families and by chronological order until 1826. This mixed classification is only perturbing at the beginning. But later, it helps to begin a genealogy of these families.The names of ships and of their captains are given, hence possible new sources.